How many cards is MakeItMerry hoping to collect this year? 
We are thrilled to be partnering with five agencies this year and as such we have been asked for approximately 3000 cards. We believe in dreaming big and are counting on you to help us make sure all 3000 homeless people receive their very own Christmas card.

What name for the recipient do I put on my card? 
As names of the card recipients are not being shared due to honouring privacy, we suggest you simply address your card(s) to: “Dear friend,” “Hello,” “To You,” “To someone special,” "Hi there.”

What do I write in the card? 
 Include a simple handwritten Christmas message, inspirational thought or note to let the receiver know they are cared for.  

To respect all faith backgrounds and walks of life we ask that you refrain from proselytizing.

All things positive and straight from your heart work best, but to help, here are a few suggestions:

“I wanted to send you a card this Christmas to let you know that no matter what, you are very special. This time of year can be especially hard, but hopefully this little card will show you that someone cares and is thinking of you.”

“Although we have never met, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. I don’t know anything about you, but I do know you are someone who deserves a little joy this holiday. May your Christmas be warm and bright.”

And one for the kids —”My name is ……., I’m …….yrs old and I like to…….. I’m in grade……….  I didn’t want you to feel lonely this Christmas because I know that is not fun. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from my heart.”

Do I sign the card? 

Yes, please! It is essential that every card be signed (first name minimum).  In fact, we will only distribute cards that have a handwritten signature in it. It is so much more meaningful to know that a real person, somewhere out there, cares and took the time to write--so very personal the handwritten signature. Feedback from our partners have expressed how meaningful it is when their clients receive these messages of hope and love and are signed.

Who can send a card?
Absolutely anyone of any age can send a card. Kids can draw, doodle or help decide what to say. Sometimes the most simple, loving words come from our kids. Cards can be sent by groups too. Maybe at the office, book club, church, sports team, your Christmas party, or your kids' school.

What date do my cards need to get there by? 
Our hope is that as many cards as possible will reach us by December 10th. If you are mailing yours, please take this date into account.

We will be delivering the cards through out the two weeks before Christmas. Any cards that are received after Dec 10th will be kept for the following years delivery.

Will my card be opened? 
To ensure the cards are positive and encouraging, all cards will be opened before delivery. They will be resealed and kept in original envelope when possible.  Alternatively, cards will be inserted in new envelopes, allowing for the magical moment of opening your very own Christmas card.

Can I include a gift card with my card? 
Such a generous idea. Thank you! Yes, you can include a gift card (last year transit tickets were also sent), but please know that all gift cards will be removed from the Christmas cards and given directly to staff at the shelters for them to distribute. You can appreciate that not all cards come with gift cards inside and we certainly want to be fair when handing out the Christmas cards. 

Is MakeItMerry a nonprofit organization? 
Yes, we are thrilled to have been recently approved with nonprofit status as of October 2016. 

Can I give financially to MakeItMerry? 
At the moment no, but we are so grateful that you would even consider this.   However, we have been deeply humbled by the many generous financial donations we have received. The proceeds were divided and distributed between our partners.  

For Christmas 2018 any funds generously given to MakeItMerry will go towards our mailing stations. Although we cannot receipt, we will use donations to provide postage and stationery supplies.  

Mailing Station

For Christmas 2018 we will be hosting two mailing stations, at two different partner locations, to allow clients the opportunity to mail a Christmas card to their family or friend. 

This idea was inspired by a client named Robert who upon receiving his MakeItMerry Christmas card asked if the card could be sent to his brother instead, who lived in another province. Robert had not been in contact with his brother for some time and he wanted to make sure his brother knew he was ok and wish him a Merry Christmas.

This was the first card to be mailed out from MakeItMerry and revealed the importance of providing an opportunity for everyone to give and not just receive. 

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