The MakeItMerry Project was an amazing thing to watch when we introduced it to our adolescent patients on the mental health unit. The teenagers loved having the opportunity to put heartfelt messages into the greeting cards they were making for the homeless population. It led to some incredible conversation about the importance of human connection and empathy. We are excited to engage them again this year in this incredible project!
— Gabriele Dersch, Registered Nurse
Our Grade 2 class really enjoyed participating in the MakeItMerry card project as one of our acts of kindness. The students got the chance to be creative and they put a lot of thought and care into crafting their own individual cards. It allowed us the opportunity as a class to have meaningful conversations about empathy, compassion, and the importance of giving back. I look forward to having my class participate again this year.
— Danielle Martin, Grade 5 Teacher, Keeler School
It was my volunteer shift at The DI, the evening of Christmas Day, and I saw so many greeting cards in the hands of the clients. I saw many who were happily showing off the cards they received from MakeItMerry. I overheard comments like, “It’s not every day that we get these,” “Such a wonderful thought!”and “Aww, some kid wrote this wonderful message to me.”

Some cards went in backpacks and acquired a transient/permanent place in personal belongings. These notes and cards encouraged some to try a new craft, encouraged others to pick up the phone and call home, and others were inspired to write handwritten notes of thanks to the staff.

Over the last year, every once a while, I come across a card, cared for with fond memories. Some of the clients kept the cards all year long and shared that they loved receiving the cards, that the cards reminded them of home and family and that someone out there remembered them and wrote a card just for them.
— Manisha Ghooi, Adult Care Volunteer at The Drop In Centre