MakeItMerry Curriculum Information

The vision of MakeItMerry is to spread the joy of Christmas to every homeless person by providing them with a personal Christmas card. The purpose of this is to acknowledge that homeless people have value and are valued and that others care about them.

The culminating activity of the MakeItMerry project would involve having students each make a Christmas card. This project is interdisciplinary in nature and connects well to the Social Studies, Language Arts, Art, and Health. Although this is meant to be a simple integrated art project, the potential for deep classroom discussion around homelessness exists and provides an opportunity to dispel myths about this topic.  

The curriculum information presented is based on the Alberta Education Program of Studies; however, similarities for student learning criteria are found across Canada.  

The Alberta Curriculum defines Social Studies as “the study of people in relation to each other and to their world . . . [and] fosters students’ understanding and involvement in practical and ethical issues that face their communities and humankind” (Alberta Education, Program of Studies; 2005). Critical to Social Studies is providing students with opportunities to develop respect for individuals and to become active and responsible citizens in their local communities.

Language Arts is the means for communicating in a variety of situations. By participating in MakeItMerry, students will be able to write notes or letters for a specific audience. Students will have opportunities to explore elements that make up a Christmas card and notes or letters that are sent with the card, ultimately providing them with an opportunity to engage with others beyond the classroom setting.

Art is a universal language that provides students with a way to communicate through visual images. They will have an opportunity to explore the diverse ways our culture represents the media of Christmas cards. Students then can create and express their interpretation of the season through their own symbolic representation.

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Handcrafted Christmas Card Requirements 

  • No larger than 6.5” x 5” and no smaller than 4.5” x 5.5"

  • To be made on card stock paper of any colour

  • Include a simple handwritten Christmas message, inspirational thought or note to let the receiver know they are cared for

  • Signed by the student – first name only and if this is a problem the student could use an alias

  • Each card to be vetted by the teacher for appropriate content

  • Cards need to be placed in an unsealed envelope with Merry Christmas on the front

  • To be completed by December 10th

  • When completed email Cards can be dropped off at select ATB locations within Calgary OR can be mailed to:

          P.O. Box 96107 West Springs
          Calgary, AB
          T3H 0L3

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